A Hubristic Flea

The cover of 'A Hubristic Flea' by Darran Anderson.



A Hubristic Flea consists of an excerpt of the diary Darran Anderson kept whilst living in Cambodia. As he explains, "I had left my camera behind in London and I thought I'd follow one of my favourite writers Christopher Isherwood and try to make myself a camera; a ludicrous thing to do but one that kept me busy and, in a strange way, from completely destroying myself. Given it reflects real people's lives (including my own), with romances and heartbreaks, glories, debaucheries and terrors, I'm not sure that it will ever be published in full. Perhaps it'll be a time capsule and in thirty years someone can look back to see what has happened to all the people involved, people who I was lucky enough to know and a country I fell in love with, despite myself."

March 2014