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Samuel Wright

Samuel Wright.

Samuel Wright is 34. He is an English teacher in North London, and has been writing short stories for two years. In that time, he has been shortlisted for the Bristol Short Story Prize 2012 and the Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition 2012, come third in the Bridport Flash Fiction Prize 2011, and won the Unbound Press Short Story Prize 2011 and the Writers and Artists Yearbook Prize 2011.

His stories have been regular fixtures at Liar's League events in London and Leeds, and the forthcoming art book The Marshes (Tartaruga Press), a collaboration with photographer Josh Lustig which Best Friend forms a part of, is his first publication outside prize anthologies. He is working on a novel based on ideas and characters created for this project, and there are plans for further collaborations that aim to play with the physical possibilities of the printed form in the last days before digital. It’s worth mentioning that the main audience for his work up to now has consisted of his wife, his eighteen month old son, and his cat, all of whom have been too polite to discourage him.

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