Snorri & Frosti

The cover of 'Snorry & Frosti' by Ben Myers.

A haunting novella from Benjamin Myers about two old brothers, in a cabin, in a north European country, chopping wood, rubbing along, living and… well, we don't want to say more. But this is a special, strange and wonderfully touching piece of writing. Writing to love.

Praise for Snorri & Frosti

Two old guys shooting the shit – it shouldn't be brilliant, but it really is. (I once said no one would win my heart with a PDF, and now I've been made to look a knob.) -- Karl Smith, Dazed and Confused

It is a lovely little story, it took me about an hour to read and warmed, and then broke my cold, black heart. Well worth a read. Buy it and read it and you'll want to hug these pair of lovely old men. They are fucking adorable." -- Bookcunt

This is an extraordinary novella that I loved to tiny little pieces and if you are a BM fan or not, you need to read it! It is just truly glorious in every way! -- BookGeek

Limited edition

Please note that 3:AM Press has published a limited edition of Snorri & Frosti, which is also available from our store.

88 (estimated)
July 2013