Singles Club Subscription

The famous Galley Beggar Press 'Singles Club' membership card.

We've made it easier to get hold of our stories on a regular as clockwork basis. Instead of going through our store once a month, or using Jeff Bezos' evil galaxy destroying Death Star, all you will need to do is buy a subscription and let us take the strain. We'll add your email address to our Singles Club mailing list and once a month we'll send you a Single in as many formats as there are ebook devices.

A Singles Club subscription costs £12 per annum. For that we'll deliver you one story a month, or sometimes two, or sometimes a novella. Part of the fun will be receiving a nice surprise. You won't know who the writers are going to be - but you will know that they'll be mighty fine. The stories will be strange, sad, moving, exciting, mad, bad (in the Byronic sense), innovative, old fashioned, twisting, turning, and if they're anything like this one, doing all those things at once. You'll like them, I promise.

£12 a year! Or, the price of a pizza. Or four pints of beer. Post Brexit, it's barely a cup of coffe in Paris.Not very much money in other words, for a lot of good stories. And, for a pretty good cause too. One of the aims of the Singles Club has always been to bring back the noble old tradition of actually paying talented writers to produce short stories. To date, we've been paying them royalties as a percentage of the books sold. Once we have enough subscriptions, and guaranteed money coming in for each story, we'll be able to pay each writer a flat fee, and then royalties on top for any extra individual books they earn. You'll be putting food on a talented writer's table. Or drink in their mouth. Or maybe a nice new hat so they can keep their special writer ears warm. We don't dictate how they spend their cash. We just want to give it to them so that they know their work is valued and so that they can continue to produce more of it.

If you buy a Single Subscription now you get our latest single for free.